VideoGo, the app that records 60 Second Video on iOS.

We believe that the longer the video is, the harder it will be for the viewer the watch your message in its entirety. We also believe that to be successful you sometimes have to try less. This is where the 60 Second Video comes in.

Video analytics firm Tubular Labs, found that the average duration of a top Facebook Video is about 1.5 minutes before trailing off.

Making your videos shorter and more effective will result in winning over your listener, thus creating a better opportunity for your end outcome.

This could be a sales lead, making the viewer understand your goal or solving that specific problem for them.

If you require your viewers to engage with your videos, then a 60 second video from our VideoGo app is designed for this purpose.

60 second video elevator pitch app from videogo technology

Break your video down, keep it simple, ask yourself how much can  you achieve in 60 seconds? and whats important?

Understand your Story first and also know your viewers.

Educate your viewer, don't try to sell or blame.

Explain the value of your subject, whats on offer?

Communicate the end goal, how is this video going to solve the viewers problem.

Positivity, remember your body language is just as important as your voice.

Some of the above tips will help build trust in your viewer and see that you are presenting yourself with integrity.

60 Second Video is longer than you think, and you can actually achieve more that you think you can. Its worth breaking down your idea and making lots of little short videos. collate some scripts together read them out loud to start off with, is it readable, legible, can people understand it?

You will also have more chance of reaching out to that al important new customer of yours.


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