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Are you looking for an app for making videos that lets you record, edit and publish high quality, branded videos direct from your smart device? If you are, then VideoGo have made the perfect app for you.

The masterminds behind VideoGo have over 20 years in the broadcast television and video industry. This is what gave them the idea to create an app that combined the very best video making app. Which combines the best graphics with the best TelePrompter app, to make one mega app for making videos. Cisco estimate that 80% of traffic will be through videos, so it is more important that even to start implementing videos.

It’s super easy to use:

1. Record

2. Edit

3. Graphics

4. Soundtrack

5. Logo Branding

6. Share

and features a TelePrompter to allow you to remember your script on camera.

VideoGo is estimated to give you 200 x return on your investment! Once you factored in all the costs associated with going to a production company and asked them to make 10 x 1 minutes videos for you, with soundtrack, branding and graphics.

That is what makes VideoGo so unique and essential. Not only do you save loads of money, but with the rise of video marketing, you need something affordable and always readily available. With the VideoGo app, you can create your very own studio whenever you need it.

So sign up to our Beta App now, and get a guide on the “13 Tips from a Broadcast TV Insider on Making Professional Videos on your Mobile Device.” This will allow you to get the very best from the app, and allow you to start making studio quality videos straight from your smartphone now.

Marketing Video App by VideoGo Technology

  • September 16, 2016

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