Use our VideoGo Teleprompter, The Best Teleprompter App (probably) to promote your business.

Our standalone Best Teleprompter app is a great way to create video to promote your business. Video can boost your SEO and is a great way to effectively engage with your customers.

We all know that google is the biggest search engine and that YouTube is the second biggest, so creating an effective video quickly and efficiently to add to these search engines, will enable you to get that ranking before your competitors. Our VideoGo Teleprompter has a minimal learning curve and setup, most of all its fast! and we would highly recommend you trying this product out.

Businesses everywhere are adding video into their marketing strategies, and by keeping your costs low you can create more videos and spread your content more widely. Long gone are the days thinking that if you spend thousands on a video the more hits you will get.

Check out Charlie bit my finger video, its under a minute and has had over 128,900,000 hits!

Its certainly not a high production, the quality is not even the best, but the content is good and people can relate to it.

Best Teleprompter App


Our Teleprompter App, enables you to add your rich content before you record your video by copying and pasting text or by typing in manual content. Some people don’t need this and can wing a video recording as they are naturals, these are very few and far between, almost essentric. Some people have been practicing public speaking for years, or they are presenters and actors that can memorise content to talk about. These people are expensive and might not in your budget range.

So the next option  is to do it yourself or ask a member of staff to roll these videos out. You don’t need to be a professional you just need to adhere to some basic rules to come across honest and confident. We have a wealth of articles helping you to create the perfect video here. Equally you can download our 13 Tips from a Broadcast TV Insider on Making Professional Videos on your Mobile Device’.

Below are a few ideas on what you can put in your videos to get you started, but this will also depend on your type of business vs the products and services you offer.


Demonstrate a product

If you sell a product then why not show this off in your video, you can talk about its functionality, its purpose, how it feels and what its made of. Its important to show off its qualities as this is what you need to sell.


How To Videos

Also known as ‘Explainer Videos’ but these don’t always need to be animated graphics. You can go into  bit more depth with ‘How To’ videos as consumers would like to hear about the nuts and bolts of the product or service.



Many people like to talk about their experience with certain products and services, its here where you could do a quick review on your purchase, or even a competitors product!



Testimonials are a great way to promote your business or help others promote theirs. Testimonials build trust with your user base, be under no illusion the power of these.


Build Your User Base

Once you have your user base, you want to keep them, a good idea is to keep creating new videos to keep your customers engaged, its also a good way to upset too


Welcome Video

Create a video for you website, introduce yourself or your products, let the potential prospect know who you are and why you believe in your product. People, a simple 1 minute introduction video maybe all they need to plant that seed of value.


Industry knowledge

Share your knowledge, talk about your experience in your sector, this can enhance your reputation as a known figure in your market.


Sales Video

Create a Sales Video!, the perfect way to get your message across and put that trust in your consumer.


After Sales

Its always nice for a customer to receive communication from the seller, you could create a 1 minute video to say thank you for purchasing your product and service, maybe mention ongoing support or extra up sell opportunities.



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The VideoGo teleprompter app puts you in control of your marketing, in an affordable, quick and professional way. So that you can fully utilise the power of video. To find out more, and ow to get the app, click here for more information.


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