VideoGo provides an additional arm to your sales & marketing techniques. Branding Video with Videogo app is easy, send to your potential client in minutes.

When a customer sees your video with branding, what do you think their first impressions will think about your attention to detail and professionalism?

What’s great about Videogo is that in a few steps that personalised video will be seen by your customer as a fully packaged product. The App was designed so that the viewer will think the video has been compiled together in a professional editing suite.
By combining branding video techniques such as a lower third graphics with contact details and a company logo, you will stand out from the crowd.

We also have the option of adding a variety of soundtracks to lift your presentation with our in house, licence free audio to use with Videogo.

Using Videogo, you will literally save money hand over fist to use on other important overheads or additional marketing opportunities.

Whilst recording your video presentation you can demonstrate the latest product or talking point about your services. We have a feature in the record mode section, which includes a ‘pause and resume’ button. This feature enables you to switch camera angles to focus on your product or take a breather if required.

This is a great way to show a more engaging video to your viewer and also a memorable one. The more the user talks about your business, shares and likes your video the more successful it will be and ultimately help contribute to those all important sales leads.
We have mentioned above a few interesting features within our Videogo App, and we would highly recommend at least trying this out, we are confident that you will find this simple, quick and easy to learn.

If you believe that branding your video is important, no only to protect your identity but to also be a memorable business then VideoGo is a great addition to your Marketing tools.


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