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Video Branding – From the 1950s BBC mechanical globe to today’s mobile logo app

Branding has come a long way from the first BBC broadcasts through to today’s mobile video and logo apps.

Years ago my Father owned an electric motor company whose motor drove the mechanical BBC globe. They pointed a camera at it to get the BBC logo on screen. Yes that’s really how they did it before 1985! We had replica of the model in reception. Maybe that subconsciously affected me and prompted me to end up working in television years later.


In 1985 the model was replaced by a special BBC made computer putting hundreds of people at the factory out of work…not really…it just meant my Dad couldn’t say his motors were famous anymore.

Branding is important.

Isn’t it amazing the trouble they went to in order to brand and identify the content they were sending out to the world. You’d have to admit the BBC is a brand recognised worldwide. They obviously believed that branding was important and so to do countless other corporations the world over.

Of course it is. For all of us. For many years whilst working in the television industry I’ve worked with companies that deliver me very specific “brand guides” i.e. don’t get my branding or logo wrong!

One Spanish designer I worked with decided the BBC logo was too flat “We need BBC logo in 3D!” he said. So that’s what he did, and published it on a website. A cease and desist letter ensued followed by the logo being hastily removed and replaced with the original.

I’ve seen studios spend thousands of pounds on equipment just to add a logo to the channel before it’s sent out.

So what’s the point? Branding is essential, it’s important for everyone not just the big boys. As video is being used extensively across marketing, promotion and online education it’s important to add your own style and your brand. There are lots of tools out there making it easier than ever to do this on your own content but often at a cost. Often with lots of features you don’t need.

video-posting-apps_from _videogo_technology

Logo app for iPad & iPhone

Bringing the cost down & making it mobile

We developed the Logo2Go app as a low cost alternative that allows you to brand your content from anywhere.  Shoot a quick vlog in the car? Outside a customers office? At the beach? No problem use our logo app to add your logo and go. We’ve included some of the features from our experience of broadcast graphics such as alpha channel and transparency. You can also use it to watermark your videos so that your brand covers the content, this helps to avoid it being copied and distributed by other unscrupulous users.

Get your branding right then plaster it everywhere, on all your content. Be proud and let people know where the content comes from and make it difficult for competitors to copy it.


There’s a great history of the BBC logo here:

More detail on the BBC designed graphics computer

More on the BBC logo here:

Here’s a link where you can try the old BBC Logo on Windows machines:



Branding your Video

VideoGo provides an additional arm to your sales & marketing techniques. Branding Video with Videogo app is easy, send to your potential client in minutes.

When a customer sees your video with branding, what do you think their first impressions will think about your attention to detail and professionalism?

What’s great about Videogo is that in a few steps that personalised video will be seen by your customer as a fully packaged product. The App was designed so that the viewer will think the video has been compiled together in a professional editing suite.
By combining branding video techniques such as a lower third graphics with contact details and a company logo, you will stand out from the crowd.

We also have the option of adding a variety of soundtracks to lift your presentation with our in house, licence free audio to use with Videogo.

Using Videogo, you will literally save money hand over fist to use on other important overheads or additional marketing opportunities.

Whilst recording your video presentation you can demonstrate the latest product or talking point about your services. We have a feature in the record mode section, which includes a ‘pause and resume’ button. This feature enables you to switch camera angles to focus on your product or take a breather if required.

This is a great way to show a more engaging video to your viewer and also a memorable one. The more the user talks about your business, shares and likes your video the more successful it will be and ultimately help contribute to those all important sales leads.
We have mentioned above a few interesting features within our Videogo App, and we would highly recommend at least trying this out, we are confident that you will find this simple, quick and easy to learn.

If you believe that branding your video is important, no only to protect your identity but to also be a memorable business then VideoGo is a great addition to your Marketing tools.


video touch app from videogo technology

Beta Software Free from Videogo technology

Video for Business

Video for business app offers a great user experience which, informs and engages viewers that no other source of media can really achieve.

About eighty percent of companies using a business enterprise solution implement video for business  elements to generate better gains in productivity and efficiencies within their organisation.

VideoGo is a simple and easy to use way of communicating with your employees, shareholders and external suppliers on a day to day basis.

This could be a way of sharing ideas and talking about the latest news or upcoming events. It is also a great tool for reminders and testimonials.

Our customers also use VideoGo for training material, sales and marketing opportunities,  and being a portable iOS device its a great on the go mobile marketing machine.

VideoGo is a different way of touching base, most of us have smart phones nowadays with a internet connection, either in the phone such as 3g or 4g.  No business really trades without an internet connection which you can connect onto with wireless technology.

Rather than using another impersonal email, statistical graphic or powerpoint presentation,  why not try VideoGo, available on the App Store your be surprised by the results.



video for business app from videogo technology

We are looking for businesses who are thinking about using video on a regular basis. You will see that our VideoGo App is a simple, fast and convienient way of producing a wealth of videos to suit your business requirements.

That professional finish you are looking for is what our App was designed to do.

We also pride ourselves on the cost savings you will reduce whilst branding your video and and keeping continuity with your design guidelines.

Why not get in contact to talk about how VideoGo can be implemented into your daily business and what solutions we can provide for you?


Beta Software Free from Videogo technology

60 Second Video

VideoGo, the app that records 60 Second Video on iOS.

We believe that the longer the video is, the harder it will be for the viewer the watch your message in its entirety. We also believe that to be successful you sometimes have to try less. This is where the 60 Second Video comes in.

Video analytics firm Tubular Labs, found that the average duration of a top Facebook Video is about 1.5 minutes before trailing off.

Making your videos shorter and more effective will result in winning over your listener, thus creating a better opportunity for your end outcome.

This could be a sales lead, making the viewer understand your goal or solving that specific problem for them.

If you require your viewers to engage with your videos, then a 60 second video from our VideoGo app is designed for this purpose.

60 second video elevator pitch app from videogo technology

Break your video down, keep it simple, ask yourself how much can  you achieve in 60 seconds? and whats important?

Understand your Story first and also know your viewers.

Educate your viewer, don't try to sell or blame.

Explain the value of your subject, whats on offer?

Communicate the end goal, how is this video going to solve the viewers problem.

Positivity, remember your body language is just as important as your voice.

Some of the above tips will help build trust in your viewer and see that you are presenting yourself with integrity.

60 Second Video is longer than you think, and you can actually achieve more that you think you can. Its worth breaking down your idea and making lots of little short videos. collate some scripts together read them out loud to start off with, is it readable, legible, can people understand it?

You will also have more chance of reaching out to that al important new customer of yours.


Beta Software Free from Videogo technology