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Try Out A New Presentation Video App

Need a quick yet professional way to create videos for your company or organisation? VideoGo is an amazing presentation video app you and your business partners can use to develop short and effective business marketing clips that you can easily use to present to investors and/or consumers alike.

With 80% of all online content being video by 2017, its incredibly important to maintain an online presence for your business and share information and knowledge about your business or organisation online frequently.

VideoGo will give you the ease of recording, editing, and publishing your presentations to the major video platforms i.e. Youtube, Daily Motion, Vimeo. There’s a handy teleprompter feature that will let you read a script of all the things you want to communicate to your audience. Also, you can choose from our library of music tracks to add some background music and you can put your own logo during the editing to brand your video to your brand.

Right now we are working around the clock  and putting in all our efforts to finish the presentation video app but the release date is still to be determined. If you would like to receive updates on the VideoGo app and track its progress until completion sign up on our main page.

As a free gift, when you sign up right now you can get our “13 Tips from a Broadcast TV Insider on Making Professional Videos on your Mobile Device” free document. So don’t hesitate, sign up today!

Check out a short video on VideoGo:

  • October 12, 2016

Marketing Video App

The next big thing…

Marketing is a constantly changing battle field. If you want to market a business well, you need to keep up with the latest trends and platforms to do so.
Video marketing is one of the ‘youngest’ promotional weapons. It’s a newer concept of marketing that uses videos to market your message or product. But it’s a growing one, and one that needs to be implemented now. It’s one of the reasons behind our marketing video app, to make it easier for you to make branded videos to promote your business.

So let’s look at some of the reasons why video marketing is so important.


1. It has the ability to appeal directly to your audience. Videos allow you to bond and create trust direct with your audience. It also gives a sense of authenticity to your business.
2. It allows you to sell goods, services or get your message even to the laziest of people. People no longer have time or want to read through long advertising descriptions. It’s boring. A video is engaging and fun, and gets your message across. It also allows them to actually see what your trying to promote in action.
3. It helps to increase sales. Studies have shown that the addition of videos on sales pages, showing the item being sold, has actually helped to increase sales.
4. Customers will promote you! Videos can be shared, and if you have a good product or interesting video, people are very likely to share those videos alone. Meaning that they promote you and it’s coming from them.
5. Videos increase your trust level. Many consumers are skeptical about buying products and services online, because of the increased fear of being scammed. But if you add a video, they will respond much better to your website, and trust your more. As mentioned earlier, it authenticates you. Another benefit, is that when people watch a video on your website, they are spending longer on your site, which gets you more search engine trust, ranking your site better. It’s a win, win situation.

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So what are you waiting for. VideoGo have the tools you need to start make affordable, high quality, branded and professional videos. You can edit, add music, add logos and images and even use TelePrompters. We have made it as simple as possible for you to record marketing videos. So sign up now to get updates on our release date, and change the way you market forever.

  • September 29, 2016

Cool Video Apps: Cutting Edge Inspiration

Cool Video Apps from VideoGo.TechnologyIn the market for cool video apps that revolutionize how you convey your personal and brand message to an over-marketed weary audience with little patience? Our video creating app from VideoGo Technology lets you produce the best quality videos with an ease of application that is unmatched.

Save time and money without sacrificing excellence, giving you the edge to edit, customize and optimize your creations to separate you from the pack. Take control of your media promotion with our teleprompter feature that allows you to focus on presenting a mesmerising delivery. Craft your brand’s message to perfection in a one-stop shop app that acts like a studio for recording, editing, adding soundtracks, logo branding and much more.

Video applications from Videogo Technology put you in the driver’s seat as internet consumer video traffic is estimated to become 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2019. Take advantage now! Navigate in cruise control from the convenience of your own phone and share with a click of a button on all social media and information platforms. We’d like to vault your brand image and message into the stratosphere. Check out our user-friendly options that deliver professional results.

We present you the forum and tools to reach an audience with insights like never before. Represent yourself and your personal brand in the best possible way. The creators of VideoGo have worked in the television and video industry for over 20 years, pouring expertise into the most convenient of cool video apps ready to use regardless of which generation you belong to. The goal remains the same: to cut through the din of the competitors and showcase your mission with style. Expand your horizon with the possibilities of a customized video communication strategy that works whether you are looking to increase profits as a CEO or become the next big You Tube Celebrity.

Beta Software Free from Videogo technology

  • July 5, 2016

Free Video App

Videogo have created the perfect solution to your video editing. No more having to deal with really complicated apps, that require you to have a degree before you can use them. With this super simple free video app, you can do more than you think.

This latest video app does not require any special skills. You can manipulate it just the way you want, making it much easier to use. The app is loaded with numerous amazing features that you can use to create appealing videos in just a few minutes.

top free video apps from videogo technology

This app looks to fuse together the best video, graphics and TelePrompter app all into one, and make it much cheaper for you to make wonderful videos.
Some of the features are:

Logo branded
This app lets you save your companies logo onto the video, so that it is branded throughout. You can also use this feature to add images or additional information.

Supports adding text to the video
You can now add text to your video, if the sound is not audible enough, or if you just want to add text, with company information. This feature is also useful for people with impaired hearing.

Import soundtrack to your project
Would you like to add or mix some cool soundtracks to your project? If yes, you can easily import it with the click of a button. Select from the audio files in the app and use it for your project.

Easily share your project
The app also makes it easy for you to share your project via email or social media. Simply use the share option and select where you want to share your video.

Save project for later
You can save your project and continue the next time you launch the app. You previous editing will not be deleted.

We know how expensive it is to get videos made, that is why we have created this app to make it faster, easier and cheaper to create high quality videos on demand. So what are you waiting for, download us now and see for yourself.

Beta Software Free from Videogo technology

  • June 13, 2016