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Cool Video Apps from VideoGo.TechnologyIn the market for cool video apps that revolutionize how you convey your personal and brand message to an over-marketed weary audience with little patience? Our video creating app from VideoGo Technology lets you produce the best quality videos with an ease of application that is unmatched.

Save time and money without sacrificing excellence, giving you the edge to edit, customize and optimize your creations to separate you from the pack. Take control of your media promotion with our teleprompter feature that allows you to focus on presenting a mesmerising delivery. Craft your brand’s message to perfection in a one-stop shop app that acts like a studio for recording, editing, adding soundtracks, logo branding and much more.

Video applications from Videogo Technology put you in the driver’s seat as internet consumer video traffic is estimated to become 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2019. Take advantage now! Navigate in cruise control from the convenience of your own phone and share with a click of a button on all social media and information platforms. We’d like to vault your brand image and message into the stratosphere. Check out our user-friendly options that deliver professional results.

We present you the forum and tools to reach an audience with insights like never before. Represent yourself and your personal brand in the best possible way. The creators of VideoGo have worked in the television and video industry for over 20 years, pouring expertise into the most convenient of cool video apps ready to use regardless of which generation you belong to. The goal remains the same: to cut through the din of the competitors and showcase your mission with style. Expand your horizon with the possibilities of a customized video communication strategy that works whether you are looking to increase profits as a CEO or become the next big You Tube Celebrity.

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  • July 5, 2016

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