If you are looking for a Corporate Video App then VideoGo is the perfect tool. VideoGo is an all in one video, graphics and TelePrompter app.

Imagine a Corporate Video App that empowers you to make your own branded videos promoting your company with no technical experience quickly and easily.

Corporate Video App - record with videogo.technologyYou can record your video whilst reading a script directly from our built-in teleprompter . Once finished Trim your video to the desired length. We also have start, stop and record functionality.


Videogo supports templated graphics with your profile. Add and mix a soundtrack from our library of soundtracks. Add your own company logo or image and burn it into your video, we support Alpha Channel to.



Finally share across your own network or publicly to YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter or any of your social media platforms.




Take control of your own video promotions! Improve your image, share your ideas and product presentations with VideoGo.

For more information contact us.Beta Software Free from Videogo technology

  • May 7, 2015

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