A great Corporate Video especially in business definitely helps customers relate more to what your products and services are.

People like people, so if you have the opportunity to create a Corporate Video quickly and easily, with no fuss or technical implications along the way, then VideoGo is very much a tool for you and your business.

By creating that one to one connection it will increase the likelihood of them buying your product.

VideoGo was specifically built for this reason, a simple iOS app which is perfect to create your initial presentation.

You can send this instantly to your client, or online for the world to see.

Corporate Video app from videogo technology

VideoGo was designed as a Branding tool, to keep continuity with your current design standards within your company.

Whether your a Blue Chip Company, a small to medium sized business or a one man band, VideoGo fits just about every video solution.

Inside our product we have HD video as Standard but also Graphics Editing Tools to Brand your Video.

We have Logo Importation (with Alpha Channel) and manipulation tools to orientate your logo. We also have Lower Third Graphics with the opportunity to add your contact details or video title.

We have a telePrompter to give you snippets of information incase you have a tendency to drift off cue. This can be typed or copy and pasted.

Another main feature within the app are our Audio Solutions with a bespoke Music Library of various tracks to choose from, licensed to use on VideoGo products.

We designed VideoGo so that every user has the potential to reach millions of users whilst packaging up their video on Brand along with its message. Long gone are the days where users will watch a 10 minute promotion video!

As a bonus, Google is now rewarding websites with rich content such as Video on their webpages. Video is a better way for people to interact and this will help you rank higher in the search results.

Beta Software Free from Videogo technology

  • May 4, 2016

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