Videogo have created the perfect solution to your video editing. No more having to deal with really complicated apps, that require you to have a degree before you can use them. With this super simple free video app, you can do more than you think.

This latest video app does not require any special skills. You can manipulate it just the way you want, making it much easier to use. The app is loaded with numerous amazing features that you can use to create appealing videos in just a few minutes.

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This app looks to fuse together the best video, graphics and TelePrompter app all into one, and make it much cheaper for you to make wonderful videos.
Some of the features are:

Logo branded
This app lets you save your companies logo onto the video, so that it is branded throughout. You can also use this feature to add images or additional information.

Supports adding text to the video
You can now add text to your video, if the sound is not audible enough, or if you just want to add text, with company information. This feature is also useful for people with impaired hearing.

Import soundtrack to your project
Would you like to add or mix some cool soundtracks to your project? If yes, you can easily import it with the click of a button. Select from the audio files in the app and use it for your project.

Easily share your project
The app also makes it easy for you to share your project via email or social media. Simply use the share option and select where you want to share your video.

Save project for later
You can save your project and continue the next time you launch the app. You previous editing will not be deleted.

We know how expensive it is to get videos made, that is why we have created this app to make it faster, easier and cheaper to create high quality videos on demand. So what are you waiting for, download us now and see for yourself.

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  • June 13, 2016

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Rigobert johnson Reply

Is there any way to remove the Videogo logo from the call to action? Having paid for the app, I would like to be able to customise it fully.

    Joph Hord Reply

    Hi Rigoberto,

    Yes absolutely, we would never have that restriction in our app. Its your business you want to promote not ours! The VideoGo Logo is just a placeholder, once you are in the Call2Action section, just press the Logo button and it will go direct into you Camera Roll. Hope this helps? Apologies for the delay. For any future contact please email us to [email protected].

    Best Regards

    The VideoGo Team

    Joph Hord Reply

    Hi Rigabert,

    Yes absolutely, this is just a placeholder, if you select the logo icon on the left hand side in the Strap Settings section, you add your own customized brand logo. Hope this helps, regards the VideoGo Team.

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