Looking For Fun Video Apps? Check Out VideoGo

Are you looking for a quick, efficient, and powerful way to market your business online or want to become the next YouTube sensation? Fun video apps like VideoGo are a fantastic way to hit both nails on the head! VideoGo is a new video production app that will change the way you do business marketing online.

With VideoGo you can create and share your own branded broadcast quality videos easily and speedily. You can take short videos on your phone and produce tons of content for your online business such as introduction videos, SEO videos, reviews and testimonials, sponsored and non-sponsered content videos and even fun vlogs.

Our app has a really cool feature where you can use a built-in teleprompter feature so you can record yourself and not stumble because you forgot to mention an important point in your message. The app will also come with a library of music tracks to add to your videos and we also let you add your business logo into the video so you can have a full professional looking and sounding video.

We are currently putting a lot of time and dedication into completing the video creation app but the release date is still to be determined. So if you want to receive updates on our VideoGo app and its progress until completion sign up on our home page. In the meantime, when you sign up right now you can get our “13 Tips from a Broadcast TV Insider on Making Professional Videos on your Mobile Device” free document. Sign up today!


  • September 19, 2016

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