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Brand your videos with our Graphics2Go app made by broadcast TV professionals

The creators of VideoGo have worked in the broadcast television & video industry for over 20 years…which gave them the idea to create a branded video application, enabling the user to a add logo or picture, a lower third name strap graphics with a call to action to complete the package. Users can now promote themselves or their company quickly, easily and on budget.

Here’s how it works

Import your video directly from your device.

We support both iPad and iPhone models, you can select your video from your camera roll.

Import your logo or picture from your camera roll – our app supports alpha channel (.psd, .tiff, .targa & .png files with Alpha) and all other formats that iOS support.

You can select an image that has an alpha channel from your gallery or a picture of your choice, you can bring them in as standard to use, but we also have various features you can use to crop and adjust the transparency to refine the look of your logo on the video.

Size & Position your logo, Rotate, Reset or Re-Crop

We recommend you have a fairly good quality logo or picture to use in your video. By pressing the scale button, a slider will appear in the preview window where you can adjust the size of your image. You also have the option to reposition your image with a couple of preset settings we have. But you can also move the image around with your fingers to get the correct position. If your image is rotated incorrectly we have button to change this for you, equally if you are not happy with your final setting you can reset the image back to its default attributes. You can then start afresh. Lastly if you wanted to go back a further step an re-crop your image then we facilitate this also.

Add a Lower Third

We have a range of  templated style lowerthirds for you to choose from. Justify your text, edit, change colour and font to stylise your graphic. You can ‘just’ have text if you like or and a choice of 1 or 2 lines (just delete a text line). You can even save your preset for another time.

Add Call to Action, Save & Share

A Call to Action enables you to push your tagline, or contact details to the customer, for the next step in them contacting you. This comes at the end of your video and holds for several sections so the viewer can read your message. You can add your logo, change background, edit text and we also have a variety of layouts for you to choose from, to get that informative look.

On the bottom right hand side we have a favourites ‘Star’ setting, where you will be prompted to save a preset once pressed. What is great about this feature is that you can export video after video with a perfect logo, lower third and call to action in the exact position, keeping continuity with your brand. The left hand side of the screen is a folder which contains all your saved presets to use over and over again, just press on the folder icon to retrieve them.

Finally export your branded video and share knowing your brand will be remembered and protected with that professional look.

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