Go Pro with the new Standalone Teleprompter App from Videogo – bringing broadcast quality to your video productions




Our Standalone teleprompter app is a great solution for that perfect video recording, you can not only use the teleprompter to help you read your script but we also have a recording option to create your own broadcast quality videos quickly and easily.


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The creators of VideoGo have worked in the broadcast television & video industry for over 20 years…which gave them the idea to create a video application combining a teleprompter app, a graphics app and the best video app all in one.




Here’s how it works

Choose your Prompter mode, text only or with record.

You will have 2 options after you have registered. The first being the Teleprompter only section, the second option includes a video record mode.



Add Text Script

Add your text script by typing manually, copy & paste from any source, or add an existing script that you have saved in our app previously. Note: Tip – if you type ‘pause(x)’ any where in your script and enter a number where ‘x’ is your script will automatically pause when on screen.

Preview and play in Teleprompter mode

If in Teleprompter mode only then you will see the below screen. you can preview your text, adjust the size of your font and adjust the speed at which your script scrolls vertically. Remember, this option is if you already have a video recording option such as a different camera source, and you only need to read the script as a reference.



Preview and play in Teleprompter record mode

If you have chosen record mode then you will be taken to this screen. You can adjust the ‘video vs text width’ to suit, increase or decrease the font size and select your desired speed at which your script flows. You can preview and scroll back to beginning button. Lastly you have a selection of times before the recording automatically starts to record so you have time to compose yourself.


Finally share your video instantly either privately on your own network or publicly to YouTube, Vimeo or any social media site with the click of a button. VideoGo Teleprompter is a cool video app that will have your colleagues and customers asking… ”How did you make so many professional videos so quickly and easily?”


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