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Add a video & change the audio, great for voice overs, commentary & correcting those unforeseen mistakes.


The creators of VideoGo have worked in the broadcast television & video industry for over 20 years…which gave them the idea to create a voice over video application, enabling the user to correct badly recorded audio, due to ambient noise, audio blips & changes in script. Equally the app is perfect for sales videos, walk-through, demonstrations, product promos, micro learning, tutorials, stories, vlogs, commentaries or just for fun with friends and family.

audio record__vov_by videogo_technology

video voiceover_vov_by videogo_technology

voice over_vov_by videogo_technology

Here’s how it works

Import your video directly from your device or press ‘Capture Video’ on the main menu.

We support both iPad and iPhone models, you can select your video from your camera roll or record directly within the app. We all have a saved feature where you can retrieve existing video you have saved in the app.

voiceover_vov_by videogo_technology

voiceover_vov_by videogo_technology

Preview your video or just start Recording by pressing the big Red Record Button

You can play directly within the main record set up, once your happy that it is the correct video to amend, just press the record button. Once you take you finger off the button after you have record your audio you will be prompted if you wish to continue or stop recording. ‘Yes’ will stop recording, ‘No’ will carry on. It will continue to do this until the end. Great for breathers, pacing yourself and being in the right environment to record.

Save, Share or Email

Press the Share icon after you have stopped recording, a pop up will appear asking you  to Save to gallery, Share via social media, save for later use or to send in an email. Please note: the longer the video the longer the render will take to do.

voice dubbing _vov_by videogo_technology

voiceover video_vov_by videogo_technology


In the settings section you can invite friends, watch tutorial videos, like and follow us for the latest upto date information. We also have a video time restriction so you can plan your recording correctly.

Ongoing Support & Tutorials

We want to solve video problems and will continue to strive and come up with ideas which save you time and money! If you have any feature requests please let us know, if it helps you create better videos then we will add this on the next release for you.

startstop record_vov_by videogo_technology

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