Micro learning is definately not just a passing trend, its becoming a fundamental process in many businesses. With our attention spans becoming shorter with our fast paced lives, general impatience and digital content everywhere we look, we require small nuggets of information in order for us to absorb knowledge that’s actually valuable and going to make a difference.

Video is a great platform to share knowledge through, and it is here where our VideoGo app excels. Micro learning has been around for a while, making us learn smarter and quicker not harder and slower. By breaking down the learning syllabus into small bite sized chunks the video you create can be accessed anytime and by anyone.

VideoGo just does that, when recording you have a 60 second countdown, an optimal time to engage your viewer and for them to absorb the information given. The availability for learning that snippet of information when your users only have a couple of minutes spare is invaluable. VideoGo makes this process hassle free as once you have branded, trimmed and added audio to your video you can upload this directly from within our App. You can email to a client, upload to your social media accounts such YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

If you stylise your videos, focusing on one element at a time, your viewers will be able to absorb these references and obtain the knowledge more quickly. By naming and referencing your videos in a logical manner, the users will be able to find that piece of video that answers their question or solves a problem without browsing through pages of information, like a website, eLearning manual a book or pdf file.

Micro Learning with VideoGo Technology


With VideoGo you have several ways in our App to organise your Micro learning files.

1. You can save the project individually, and then come back to it at a later date.

2. You can save the initial project as a template so your elements are all in place. All you have to do is open up the project and then swap out the video.

3. We have a VideoGo folder directory in your Photo Albums on your iOS device, these videos are saved as a clean original version incase you would like to create several versions, and also the final rendered video with all the VideoGo elements added to it.

video for business app from videogo technology

A couple of points to note:

Creating micro learning video from VideoGo will benefit your employee who has just started working with the company, it also helps the experienced employee who just needs to find that solution quickly as they know most of the content already. So if micro learning is an option in your company, just think of the time it will save for everyone, and how much proactive information will be on tap.

Try VideoGo for your micro learning possibilities, you will be surprised how easy this will fit into your company agenda. A great ROI and no need for high end professional equipment to do this with.

Want to talk to us about a bespoke enterprise solution? we would be happy to talk to you, please get in contact.

  • May 12, 2016

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