Popular video apps such as VideoGo should be used to create video for online marketing trends.

We have a few stats below on how people use video in different capacities such as using popular video apps, streaming videos, live vlogs and the usual YouTube portals.

popular video apps from videogo technology


1. The Market.

  • Cisco states that by 2018, 69 percent of total Internet traffic will be video
  • 48 hours of video are being uploaded to YouTube every minute


2. Customers are not just watching video on PC’s.

  • Mobile video views have increased by 400 percent, its overtaken the desktop as the most used digital platform.
  • 50% of video views will be happening on mobile devices in 2016.


3. Trends are changing

  • Consumers watch 6x more video content on mobile devices in warm weather.
  • In cold weather, viewers watch video content on mobile devices 29 percent longer.


4. Video marketing advertisements

  • YouTube holds 20 percent of the market share of total video ads in the U.S.
  • Online advertising revenue is rising; 2015 £5.3 billion, 2016 £7.2 billion, 2017 £8.5 billion, 2018 £9.7 billion.


As a business it would be worth creating more video content for your marketing and promotional campaigns. Your customers are looking for video about your business, as its easier to engage with and learn at their convienience.

VideoGo has a great reputation alongside other popular video apps as a excellent creation and branding tool. You should consider using VideoGo to build up a video library of content for your Sales, Marketing and Advertising campaigns. You can directly upload to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or direct to a client via email.

We would highly recommend putting a side some budget for your video marketing strategies. The good thing about VideoGo app is that its so cost effective, it won’t eat into the main part of your campaign, we can promise you that!

For more information on how to obtain our VideoGo app, please click on the image below.

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  • August 1, 2016

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