Branding has come a long way from the first BBC broadcasts through to today’s mobile video and logo apps.

Years ago my Father owned an electric motor company whose motor drove the mechanical BBC globe. They pointed a camera at it to get the BBC logo on screen. Yes that’s really how they did it before 1985! We had replica of the model in reception. Maybe that subconsciously affected me and prompted me to end up working in television years later.


In 1985 the model was replaced by a special BBC made computer putting hundreds of people at the factory out of work…not really…it just meant my Dad couldn’t say his motors were famous anymore.

Branding is important.

Isn’t it amazing the trouble they went to in order to brand and identify the content they were sending out to the world. You’d have to admit the BBC is a brand recognised worldwide. They obviously believed that branding was important and so to do countless other corporations the world over.

Of course it is. For all of us. For many years whilst working in the television industry I’ve worked with companies that deliver me very specific “brand guides” i.e. don’t get my branding or logo wrong!

One Spanish designer I worked with decided the BBC logo was too flat “We need BBC logo in 3D!” he said. So that’s what he did, and published it on a website. A cease and desist letter ensued followed by the logo being hastily removed and replaced with the original.

I’ve seen studios spend thousands of pounds on equipment just to add a logo to the channel before it’s sent out.

So what’s the point? Branding is essential, it’s important for everyone not just the big boys. As video is being used extensively across marketing, promotion and online education it’s important to add your own style and your brand. There are lots of tools out there making it easier than ever to do this on your own content but often at a cost. Often with lots of features you don’t need.

video-posting-apps_from _videogo_technology

Logo app for iPad & iPhone

Bringing the cost down & making it mobile

We developed the Logo2Go app as a low cost alternative that allows you to brand your content from anywhere.  Shoot a quick vlog in the car? Outside a customers office? At the beach? No problem use our logo app to add your logo and go. We’ve included some of the features from our experience of broadcast graphics such as alpha channel and transparency. You can also use it to watermark your videos so that your brand covers the content, this helps to avoid it being copied and distributed by other unscrupulous users.

Get your branding right then plaster it everywhere, on all your content. Be proud and let people know where the content comes from and make it difficult for competitors to copy it.


There’s a great history of the BBC logo here:

More detail on the BBC designed graphics computer

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Here’s a link where you can try the old BBC Logo on Windows machines:



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