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The success of your video campaign will be determined in the next few months, we recommend our Video Editor App Videogo but here’s a few options for you below.

Thing is, you are also probably weighing out now what your budget will be and whether or not to do the video yourself or to bring in a video company? This is often a tricky question as if your doing this yourself you will require the right equipment, PC/Laptop, fully licensed software, Camera/Hire equipment along with the expertise that goes with this.

High set up costs right? or you could commission a third party video production company to come in for a day or so with their team and do this for you but this would still be at a premium cost also.

But this campaign is important and you need that professional finish, the videos will be front facing and first impressions count?

VideoGo has the solution for you. Ticks both boxes you are looking for, great value for money to meet your budget, and you can do this yourself and brand all your videos with with our Video Editor App to create that professional finish.  With no experience you can do video yourself with VideoGo. This app is designed to be simple, you don’t need to be massively ambitious, its not a feature film you are doing. On the other hand we do have some helpers, such as a teleprompter, templated graphics and bespoke licensed free music to use exclusively with VideoGo. We also have a help menu you can toggle on and of to see all the features we have available for you to use.

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The great thing about VideoGo, is that you can record, brand and send within minutes straight to a client or upload to your website or favourite social media sites.

Whichever route you take make sure its the right one. For the cost of VideoGo it would be worth experimenting with, your first few attempts you might not be in love with, but you will get better and find your own style as you progress. We are proud of our speed and integration that beats traditional editing software in terms of time.

If on the other hand you decide to use an outside video company then make sure you have prepped up all your scripts, locations and talent to hand, if you don’t get it right on the day, be prepared to pay out that premium cost again.

Good luck!

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  • July 12, 2016

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