Video for business app offers a great user experience which, informs and engages viewers that no other source of media can really achieve.

About eighty percent of companies using a business enterprise solution implement video for business  elements to generate better gains in productivity and efficiencies within their organisation.

VideoGo is a simple and easy to use way of communicating with your employees, shareholders and external suppliers on a day to day basis.

This could be a way of sharing ideas and talking about the latest news or upcoming events. It is also a great tool for reminders and testimonials.

Our customers also use VideoGo for training material, sales and marketing opportunities,  and being a portable iOS device its a great on the go mobile marketing machine.

VideoGo is a different way of touching base, most of us have smart phones nowadays with a internet connection, either in the phone such as 3g or 4g.  No business really trades without an internet connection which you can connect onto with wireless technology.

Rather than using another impersonal email, statistical graphic or powerpoint presentation,  why not try VideoGo, available on the App Store your be surprised by the results.



video for business app from videogo technology

We are looking for businesses who are thinking about using video on a regular basis. You will see that our VideoGo App is a simple, fast and convienient way of producing a wealth of videos to suit your business requirements.

That professional finish you are looking for is what our App was designed to do.

We also pride ourselves on the cost savings you will reduce whilst branding your video and and keeping continuity with your design guidelines.

Why not get in contact to talk about how VideoGo can be implemented into your daily business and what solutions we can provide for you?


Beta Software Free from Videogo technology

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