When you record your Video Introduction from your VideoGo App, you will be communicating on many levels.

Your words and body language tell people whether or not you are confident and passionate about what you do. The way you present yourself needs to be believable too. In your Video Introduction to put that trust and honesty over to the viewer.


video Introduction videogo-record-with-script

Have fun and relax, this will then be portrayed in your video. Introduce yourself by stating your name, position, profession or business. It would be also useful to mention the typical clients you have or simply your area of interest. Don’t forget to mention where geographically are in the world.

Give yourself around 15 seconds in this area.

For example you could say:

Hi my name is Stephanie, I am a Presenter currently working in the Broadcast Industry. I work for a range of clients within the corporate and television sectors which stretch right across the Globe.Beta Software Free from Videogo technology

  • April 27, 2016

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