Sharing ideas, these are what makes businesses work, we all want to work better and be more productive, have more knowledge and connect with each other. VideoGo the video presentation tool?

Short video presentation are a great way to do this. With today’s technology we can deliver video’s globally over desktops, mobile devices, public displays and internal screens.

Our Videogo App can help share your ideas to colleagues, customers and suppliers. It’s a great video presentation tool to connect with on a human level and those suggestions, can travel pretty much as fast as an email over the internet.

Our App has the facility to send your finished video presentation via email and to various video sharing platforms as well as your favourite social media sites.

We have lots of options available to you inside the app. Once you have added to features you need Videogo will render your video and then you can choose where you would like to send it.

marketing video app from videogo technology

Sharing ideas at work can sometimes seem like you are blowing hot air whilst nobody is listening. The benefit of producing a video can for one be archived, but you can also reach more than one person at a time.

Business evolves and whilst sharing your idea might not be at the right time, those decision makers will know whose come up with the idea.

It may also be the start of a process to fine tune your idea for development, the next big thing?

It’s not just about sharing your ideas through video, it’s also about you watching them to.

Through brainstorming possibilities and having thoughts of our own we can then share again, by understanding  ideas from other people you can developed together, evolve and succeed.



video presentation app from videogo technology


Videogo is worth downloading whether you are a sole trader, vlogger, business owner or big corporation. Its a very simple product and your be amazed how quick the process is.

Be a Pro with Videogo and let your ideas flow and share everywhere!Beta Software Free from Videogo technology


  • May 22, 2016

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