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Videogo your project with our inbuilt teleprompter, editor, audio solution, branding and uploading seo tool. No need for big budgets, just Video and Go!

Why did we produce this app? The founders of VIDEOGO have been working in the Broadcast industry with a combined experience of over 35 years.

Our background varies from pre-visualisation, live production, post and automation. We specialise in Cameras, Vision Mixers, Realtime 2d and 3D Graphics, Autocue, Data Integration umongst other products and solutions.

We realised as many of us do now, that a trend in video for sales & marketing was appearing through various digital platforms including the Internet, and that the more demand in a product tends to drive costs down. Why spend more when smart phones are now in the hands of millions capable of recording HD video? We thought we would come up with a solution for this purpose.

Broadcast and Corporate recording equipment tends to be very expensive and a time consuming process. Setting up the studio, recording multiple takes, a director, producer, camera operator, sound and lighting etc etc, not forgetting the post production process of the editing, grading, sound levels, soundtrack, graphics plus the man power to do all this with…you get the idea.

What if we could strip these processes out including the man power, and leave it in the capable hands of the user? This way they keep within a budget for the campaign keeping the costs low, make the process easy to learn, and can be completed anytime you like 24/7.

combine videos app from videogo technology

VIDEOGO was born. No fancy gimmicks and effects, no long set up times, a practical solution to a problem, a step by step guided process and a functional, easy on the eye interface.

By adhering to some of these basic elements, we are now able to get your recorded video branded, and sent directly to your end user with the look of a professional video in HD.

Added features include:

  • TelePrompter with which you can copy and paste or write your script on the fly.
  • Stop and start record so you can change camera angles without long pans or tilts, breaking up the user experience.
  • Trim your video to take out any pre or post camera jitters or facials expressions.
  • Save your project to go back to at a later date.
  • Add your brand logo to identify and protect your video.
  • Add text to your video introducing who you are and what your company, products or services are.
  • Add a selection of our lower third templates to use as an underlay for your text if you prefer.
  • Add a Fade in and out to your video if desired to create a nice beginning and end transition, rather than the video just cutting in and out.
  • Add a soundtrack from our licence free Audio to use with our VIDEOGOGO App. You can preview before assigning, and we have a range of genres to choose from depending on the practicalities of your video.
  • Add sound FX to your lower third, to lift the graphic and synch with a pre-set animation.
  • Send the video direct to a client through our app via email or upload directly to your social media platforms such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.


We hope you enjoy using VIDEOGO and welcome any feedback and feature requests to enhance your experience whilst using the App. It’s all about what we can deliver for our customers to make this process easy for presentations, sales and marketing videos. To make your video stand out above the rest!

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  • May 25, 2016

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